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It's Best to Go FAST for Your IT Needs

Technology can be an effective tool in making your business operate at a higher level of production and profitability. However, the expense of maintaining a proper level of support and maintenance to guarantee the level of uptime for all equipment and employee functions can at times become daunting.

The expense of maintaining in house IT personnel may or may not be economically feasible or practical for most small businesses. Or it may well be that your IT staff is over or underworked while the option of adding or laying off staff may appear to be your only avenue available to achieve the support level needed to maintain maximum IT uptime.

That is why Fatz Accelerated Systems Technologies has developed solutions for business IT needs such as yours. Knowing how today's economic environment directly impacts your business's bottom line is our responsibility so we may effectively and efficiently deliver the  services you require to optimize operating expense to maintenance and operational needs.

Key Points to Consider

While delivery of basic maintenance is important, many times key Critical items needed to guarantee staying in business are often overlooked while focusing on just the basics to get by. We believe in service delivery in a holistic and all encompassing business detailing of what can happen and what is the plan to recover.

Points to Consider

  • Is maintenance performed on a consistent and regular schedule through remote and onsite means.

  • Is the Network Health and Operation monitored 24/7/365 with a plan in place for emergency reaction to failure.

  • Is the Business Data Protected not only by a mechanical means but also from a Security aspect.

  • Is there an Emergency Plan for Disaster Recovery in place not only for Data but Operations Restructure and Restoration.

  • Is the Service Provider knowledgeable about your business processes as pertaining to your Business Model.

  • Is the Performance and Effectiveness of the servicing, and potential issues documented, presented, and discussed

Service Offerings

System Maintenance and Repair Service

  • Hourly Break Fix Services for Computer and Servers, Networks Wired and Wireless,

  • Software Sales, Installation, Implementation, etc.

  • Network Design, Testing, Repair

  • more......

ProFAST Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Essential Plan-24/7/365 monitoring, alerting and reporting

  • Smart Plan-as above with Endpoint protection, Basic Backup Storage, and Patch Management

  • Platinum Plan-as above plus remote and onsite servicing and assistance, 4hr same day response and much more........

A La Carte Services

  • If necessary to meet your needs we can tailor a solution that is uniquely designed to meet you office's workflow.


Back Up and Disaster Recovery Plans and Solutions

  • From Basic Long Term Static Storage to Unlimited Dynamic Data Unlimited Versioning needs, we can fit a Data Recovery Solution to provide peace of mind. From Local to Remote we can work a solution.

  • We also offer the ability for your office to continue being productive within minutes even if your file server has a complete meltdown and hardware for repair is not available for days. Virtual Server Storage and Recovery System for Emergency Restoration is an option offered to those whose operations are critical and must stay running.

  • Business Recovery Plan - Every business has a contingency plan to restore operations in the least amount of time after a catastrophic event. How's is your doing? No? We can get you there with a personalized plan of action for your own Business IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • more.......

Hosted Exchange, Help Desk, and More

  • Need the a robust Email solution without the maintenance cost? Hosted Exchange!

  • Help Desk Service 24/7 That You Can Communicate With?

  • Share Point Services for Collaboration on Important Projects?

  • more........

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John Fatz, owner  Fatz Accelerated Systems Technologies

"In tough economic times it is critical that Successful Business Owners honestly evaluate their operations and tools, and to locate and work with a Trusted Advisor dedicated to delivering the most cost effective support program that is in line with their vision and goals."

"Let me show you what we can do for your bottom line."


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