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Traditional Services- Break Fix Items

Diagnosis, Installation and Repair Services on Client and Server Systems

Network Maintenance

Software Installation, Maintenance and Diagnosis

Printer Installation and Service

Spyware, Malware and Antivirus Solutions and Maintenance

Data Backup Maintenance and Testing for Integrity

Security Maintenance and Testing on Network


Managed and Contract Services

  • Essential Plan - A Basic Monitoring program to pro-actively and intelligently oversee the 24hr/day operation of the network infrastructure. This service allows us to check for the overall health of all attached clients and server hardware and software, check the system status to ensure that programs are not installed by employees without authorization, configure permission or denial of workstation features to employees, and alert internal IT staff, vendor of choice, or FAST resources for quick resolution of problems. Plan does offer reduction in hourly charges for on site maintenance, repair or service through FAST service.

  • Smart Plan - All of the above features plus Basic Data Remote Backup Service, Antivirus/Malware Protection and Monitoring on Clients and Servers (Exchange Servers additional), Security Patch Management (verified application of MS hot fixes after general testing to ensure compatibility), and remote resolution and management of above service in plan.

  • Platinum Plus - All of above two plans with the addition of Unlimited Versioning of Data Backup, Remote and Onsite Assistance and Repair (no additional charge) with additional discount on labor outside of normal contract allotment and scope (ask for details). This level also includes priority response on usage problems (system down, network down, etc.) with a 1 to 4 Hour Response Time.

  • A La Carte - Any combination of the above services can be incorporated into a Package that meets you business needs or can be ordered singly as needed. While this gives more flexibility in meeting service needs, quotes can only be given after an evaluation is performed on the existing infrastructure and amount of other services wrapped into the agreement.

  • Block Time Contracts - These are available if the customer would prefer to use a more traditional method of maintenance and servicing. Please contact for an appointment and evaluation to determine a level of service and pricing to meet your needs.


Training and Learning Courses

A Broad Range of training and courses are available through in house and Manufacturer programs. If interested please contact for the specifics of available courses and training available.


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